The Christmas Club!

How does it work? Simple!


1. Set your personal budget 

2. List the items you wish to purchase.

3. Pop into the shop to reserve your items and start your saving schemes 


Key dates 


1. October     20 % of the total of the items reserved is to be paid.    

2. November   50% of the total items reserved is to be paid    

3. December   100% of your total items reserve is to be paid and items can be collected



Terms and conditions

You must make your first payment upon registration for the saving club and regular payments thereafter.

Kids Stuff Toymaster reserve the rights to cancel any orders where by the percentage of the total is not received as  as outlined in the key dates above..


cancellation charges of 10% maybe applied in respect to order cancellations received after 5 November.

The regularity of your payments are at your discretion however we advise that you make weekly payments to meet the required total on the key dates

If at the end of the savings there is a credit on your account,  it will be refunded to you.

It is your responsibility to keep us updated on your contact details, including any name, address and telephone number changes.


This will not affect any legal rights which you may have in relation to the credit on your account.

Items may be collected after 10th December once full payment has been received.

We will arrange a date and time to collect your order

 All orders must be collect by the 22nd December 

Tel: 01749 676217

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